Friday, June 11, 2010

We launch our website and visiting regulary for more designs and collection, where you will find beautifull pictures of designs.We customise the designs according to preferences of our customer.

Jewellers and Wholseller can contact us for any business enquiry.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Timaniya of Jodhpur - Wedding with Jodhpur Jewelry

Elegant Traditional Timaniya of Rajasthan
Studded with Real Gems as Pearl, Signity, Emerald.
Timaniya is wear to look fashionable & sophisicated by people of Jodhpur & other Region. It is wear on neck & hang with colourfull, pearl contained thread which hang on back.
It is not only wear on occasion of wedding in Jodhpur but also on various other functions as think fit.
Timaniya are made in different sizes with exquisite designs variance & suitable for bride who wrap saree in weddings, feel mature.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Catalogue of Royal Bridal Collections & Antique Jodhpur Indian Collections

First Jewelry Catalog of Jodhpuri Jewelry By Jewelry Designer Rajesh Soni. Catalogue is First Jewellery Catalog of Traditional &
Jodhpuri Antique Jewellery Designs by Jewellery Designer.

Catalog contain 84 pages of Traditional Rajasthani Designs.
These designs can be transform in gold or silver
 by means of handicraft.

If any one want to buy our Jewelry & want to purchase our own created Catalog
Please feel free to contact us for following purpose :

Selling of Catalog of own designed & created

Gold & silver Jewelry Manufacturing & Wholeselling

Gold & silver Jewellery Retailing

Gold & silver Jewellery Designing & Freelancing

Graphics of Jewelry & other Graphics, Printing of Catalog, Brochure, Presentations, Branding of Jewelry & its Publishing for Jewellers.


Note : "Nakkashi Jewels" is the Registered Trademark of Jewellery Designer Rajesh Soni & all shown on blog pictures are copyright protected , all rights reserved by
Rajesh Soni.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Awards for Innovations

Rajesh soni accepting awards for achieving First position

in Jewellery Designing (computer course) from the memebers of JPDC

Jaipur & GJEPC (Gems & Jewellery Exports promotion coumcil of india).

Award distribution & essentials are given in the prescense of Chief Guest MEENA ( Finance

Taxation minister), Honourable RAJEEV JAIN ( CMD of Sambhav Gems ) , NAVRANTN JI KHOTARI


Jodhpuri Baju-Bandh - Wedding Glory of Jodhpur

Elegant " Jodhpuri BajuBandh " to be wrap on hand.

Jewels studded with Signity Colour Stones on gold,

tightened with Colourful Threads.

Details :
Weight 40 gm. per piece
Price us$

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jewellery Catalogue of Jodhpuri Designs

We are the well-known Jewellers (wholesellers, Retailer & Jewellery Designing ) firm of JODHPUR RAJASTHAN (INDIA).

We PUBLISH the CATALOGUE OF OUR SELF- MADE DESIGNS by Jewellery Designer Rajesh soni (Holds First Position in Jewellery Designing from JPDC "Jewellery Product Designing Council of india")

Catalogue contain 84 pages of Rajasthani Royal Designs and these Designs are rich looking & trendy in now days.

Please feel free to contact us to purchase our catalogue at

Note : "Nakkashi Jewels" is the Registered Trademark of Jewellery Designer Rajesh Soni & all shown on blog pictures are copyright protected , all right reserved by
Rajesh Soni.

Jewellery Showcase

It includes the Designs of Rajasthani Jewellery wear by Bride on occasion of marriage.